Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Built to Explore

We’re a nation of explorers. Traveling this country any chance we get in search of the perfect beach campsite, expansive desert horizon, challenging offroad track, prime fishing spot or just driving for the love of the open road. Oricom’s Premium range of UHF Radios help you stay connected – be it talking with mates over the radio, monitoring trucking channels on the highway, spotting a difficult 4WD track, listening for oncoming traffic across the Simpson Desert or keeping in contact with camp when fishing up an estuary in the Cape.

Built to Perform

Communicate on and off road with our range of high quality hand-held and fixed mount UHF CB radios, priced for everyday use. Delivering uncompromised reliability and innovative features to stay connected wherever you go.

DTX & Ultra Premium 5 Watt UHF Radios

DTX4200X Dual Receive UHF CB Radio v2


Dual Receive
Controller Speaker Mic

DTX4000 Dual Receive UHF CB Radio v3


Dual Receive
UHF CB Radio

DTX4300 Micro Size 5 watt UHF CB Radio v3


Micro Size
5 Watt UHF CB Radio

ULTRA550 UHF CB Radio v3


Waterproof 5 Watt
Handheld UHF CB Radio

Built to Last

At Oricom, we design UHF radios that are built to last. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated. We take into account the unique and diverse conditions of Australia while our global design and engineering team utilises the latest technology and innovation to combine unique features with precise performance. Rest assured you are backed by our 5-year warranty on all fixed-mount UHF radios and our local customer support team.

Designed for Adventure

The Oricom DTX and Ultra range of premium UHF fixed mount and handheld radios are engineered to survive whatever you can throw at them while exploring this great big land of ours. From the vast expanse of the outback to the rocky hillsides of the Victorian High Country, the Oricom Premium Range have been tested on some of Australia’s greatest adventures.

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DTX4200X Ultimate Value Packs DTX4200XPK



DTX4200X Dual Receive
Controller Speaker Mic PLUS
ANU1100 Town & Country Antenna

DTX4200X Ultimate Value Packs DTX4200X4PK


Outback Value Pack

DTX4200X Dual Receive
Controller Speaker Mic PLUS
ANU930 Antenna

DTX4200X Ultimate Value Packs DTX4200XVP


Offroad Adventure Pack

DTX4200X Dual Receive
Controller Speaker Mic PLUS
ANU230 Antenna

Oricom DTX